MATLAB Software: Limpiti IEEE TBME 2010

T. Limpiti, B.D. Van Veen, and R.T. Wakai, A spatio-temporal framework for MEG/EEG evoked response amplitude and latency variability estimation, IEEE Trans. Biomedical Engineering , vol. 57, pp. 616-625, March 2010.

MATLAB Software and Examples

  • m-file for for estimating amplitude and latency variability: amplitudeLatencyVarEstimation
  • MATLAB subroutines required by amplitudeLatencyVarEstimation.m: subroutines
  • .mat file containing data, spatial bases, and temporal bases to reproduce Example 2 in the paper for the smooth amplitude variation scenario. See Fig. 3. Example2
  • m-file for computing spatial bases: SpatialBasesGen
  • m-file for computing temporal bases: TemporalBasesGen