MATLAB Software: Cheung, IEEE TBME 2010

B. Cheung, B. Riedner, G. Tononi and B.D. Van Veen, Estimation of cortical connectivity from EEG using state-space models, IEEE Trans. Biomedical Engineering, vol. 57,No.9, pp. 2122-2134, September 2010.

Software and Examples

  • m-files for estimating state-space model parameters using EM: SSMdl_EM
  • m-files for calculating pairwise Granger causality in Example 1 and conditional Granger causality in Example 3: Geweke
  • m-file for producing part of Example 1 and Example 3 in the paper: SimEx1_and_3
  • .mat files containing leadfield and spatial activity distributions required to generate Example 1 and 3: SSMdl_data