MATLAB Software: Bolstad NeuroImage 2009

A. Bolstad, B. Van Veen, and R. Nowak, Space-time event sparse penalization for magneto-/electroencephalography, NeuroImage , vol. 46, pp. 1066-1081, 2009.

MATLAB Software and Examples

  • m-files for solving block sparse inverse problems: ModEM
    • Solutions are found for individual penalty weight (lambda) values using sts.m, or for a range of values using stsincsolver.m.
  • MATLAB subroutines required by sts.m and stsincsolver.m: Subroutines
  • m-file for producing part of Example 1 in the paper: SimEx1
  • .mat file containing vertex, faces, and normals required to generate Example 1: